Meet Sabine – Team Leader at the Customer Experience Center

5 min. lezen
Bye bye V&D, hello VD! After working for almost 3 decades at V&D, one of Hollands biggest department stores, 2016 was my “turning point moment”. It was time to say goodbye to retail marketing and go back to my roots: the travel business. Lots of interesting jobs and above all the best “product” to work with.

Dé VakantieDiscounter was growing rapidly and therefore in desperate need of Travel Agents. Since I’d never worked at an online travel agency, the position and the company really appealed to me. The first thing that came to my mind after job interview nr. 1 was: this really feels good, I want to work here! Immediately after the second job interview, I was hired: ‘moving fast’ is the company’s middle name. Yes, I made a little dance on de Herengracht.

After almost 2 years being a happy Travel Agent, I was offered a different job. Now I am one of the two Team leaders at the Customer Experience Center. So instead of advising and helping out clients, I am advising and helping out my colleagues. Working together on an excellent service level. A very exciting job in an exciting company.

Because dé VakantieDiscounter is still growing, we are still in need of Travel Agents. And now I do job interviews myself and try to give the applicant the same positive feeling about this company as I had back in 2016!

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